New LOA Audiobooks by Elena G.Rivers

Money Mindset
Stop Manifesting What You Don’t Want and Shift Your Subconscious Mind into Money & Abundance (Law of Attraction Short Reads, Book 1)

is now available on Audible US and Audible UK!

Inside this life-changing audiobook, you will discover tested secrets to help you align your mindset and actions to the energy of money, wealth, and abundance:
-the fastest way to change your self-image (by letting your subconscious mind work FOR you, not against you)
-a simple shift to transform your mindset and think like rich people do (so that you can take actions that help you make money and feel amazing about it!).
-how to FINALLY free yourself from procrastination and self-sabotage, fear, and anxiety of not being/having enough (and stop BLOCKING yourself from money and abundance)
-how to open yourself to unlimited money opportunities you had no idea about
-a simple formula to turn your passion and skills into an income that lasts
-why winning the lottery is NOT the only option (and why chasing it keeps you broke)
-when traditional positive thinking makes you poor and frustrated and how wealthy people really THINK
-the real ancient secret to manifesting abundance (people in power don’t want you to know this secret yet they use it all the time) and how to AWAKEN it…
-a proven "duality trick" to avoid burnouts and anxiety 
BONUS-the SHOCKING truth- how LOA gurus really make their money (and how you can easily re-model what they do to manifest abundance!)

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