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The Law of Attr-Action for Entrepreneurs is a tested mindset-based system to help you manifest your dream business without stress, burnouts, or the latest marketing “hack.”
Designed for: entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, holistic practitioners, educators, writers, and healers who want to grow their INCOME and impact by shifting their identity!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside:
-The REAL reason why you procrastinate (and a simple mindset SHIFT to stop feeling stuck)
-The Clarity Ladder Exercise to start attracting your dream business ideas fast!
-Why vision boards and affirmations are NOT enough for ambitious entrepreneurs (and how to use identity shifting instead)
-The Energetic Micro Niche Formula to start attracting quality customers who can’t wait to invest in your products and services!
-The Trick Your Mind Method that the world-famous athletes use to NEVER feel like a failure
-The Mindful Discipline Formula to eliminate burnouts once and for all (so that you can grow your biz with joy and ease!)
-The ONE shockingly surprising trait all heart-led entrepreneurs should learn from narcissistic leaders (and how to use it for the highest good!)
-The hidden dangers of manifesting from your old identity (LOA gurus don’t want you to know this!)
-The ONE thing you need to do to stop fearing criticism and be UNSTOPPABLE!

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Visualization Demystified

This life-changing book is designed especially for ambitious souls, leaders, professionals, creatives, heart-centred entrepreneurs, empaths and healers who are ready to step into their full potential and attract unlimited abundance in all areas of their lives.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside:
-The untold DANGERS of quick money wins and the only way to manifest ABUNDANCE that lasts
-A super simple method to ERASE your FEARS on demand and take inspired action to get closer to your goals
-The Visualization Ladder technique to MANIFEST ABUNDANCE and AMPLIFY it again and again (+ real life examples of those who have done it)
-The biggest MISTAKE people make with their WHY (and the main reason your WHY isn’t enough)
-The surprising truth why visualization can work even for people who don’t believe in LOA, or have never heard of it
-The Mental Screenshot Method to get crystal clear on your vision
-Exactly why running away from your true calling BLOCKS you from receiving true abundance (and how to fix it)
-How to remove RESISTANCE even before you experience it (better safe than sorry!)
-Proven visualization technique to finally release negativity from others for good (and feel free as a bird!)
-The Secret Mindset Stretch routine that successful, heart-centered leaders use daily
-How to quickly manifest your dreams from a brand-new paradigm without torturing yourself with the latest motivational technique
-Why DESIRE alone may not be enough and must have ingredients to empower you
-The tested science of cord-cutting to gain your power back and manifest with ease

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